Terms & Conditions

The entrant also grants permission to The One Club to show, copy or play the entries at such times as The One Club deems appropriate. The One Club reserves the right to make available for educational and reference purposes, including electronic publishing, any material entered into the Young Guns competition. If any network or local television or radio station shall agree to telecast a news or other program relating to the Young Guns competition, the entrant further agrees to obtain any permissions and to absorb talent or other residual charges incurred by inclusion of his or her entry in the program, if required.

All entries are subject to the rules of the Young Guns competition as stated on the entry site. Decisions of judges on all matters during judging, including qualifications and categories, are final. After judging, all disputes will be decided by The One Club Board of Directors. The One Club reserves the right to disqualify work that is proven to be plagiarized or fraudulent based upon a final decision by The One Club Board of Directors.